Help bring the big bang to Bay Days

Bay Days Fireworks Fundraiser

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"The Bay Days fireworks display was always great. I miss it. I urge your support."

George Serb, former councilman

The Bay Days fireworks are not free. They are paid for by those who enjoy them. Wo​n't you please donate so our grand Bay Days tradition continues? 

"Now that I live in Cleveland I cannot wait to see the Bay Days fireworks celebration. See you all there July 4."

Khloe Kardashian, media sensation

The Bay Days fireworks fund needs your help!

The fireworks display at the Fourth of July celebration in Bay Village, Ohio, is legendary. The sights and sounds of Bay Days would not be complete, however, without the grand fireworks display to top it off. This display does not come without a price. It costs thousands of dollars, and that is where you come in. Do you like the fireworks display? Do you love coming to the Bay Days celebration? Wouldn't you like to see this time-honored tradition continue? Then contribute today. Every little bit helps. Thank you in advance for your support. (When you click to donate, you will be re-directed to the Bay Village Foundation website. The foundation is the banker for donations to the fireworks fund.)